The Postman sends a messageI just finished watching The Postman, a post-apocalyptic film based on the novel by David Brin.

I won’t say much about the film.. movie reviews abound for this type of Costner saga and frankly, they are not usually my first choice

What did strike me was the central theme of the film… In a screwed up world, people get hope from the simpliest of messages.. a found letter from a long lost relative or a few words from a man with a mission. I suppose Kevin Costner is somewhat like The Postman.. I’m told he gets a vision for a project and never lets go, inspiration to us all to keep at it and share our gifts.

Just a couple of years ago, I might have dismissed this as nothing more than theatrical license. Today, I know what happens when I listen to my online network and feedback a very short message of hope and love. Sometimes this message rings out louder than any bullhorn or 50,000 watt transmitter and touches the hearts of someone.

We really don’t know what all is going on in the life of those we come in contact with. Out of the thousands that see my tweets on Twitter there are bound to be a few that resonate with just about anything I say. Once they reply, it only takes a moment to acknowledge them and who knows.. maybe make their day. ­čÖé

For me, this started on Twitter. Like everyone, I wondered if it was going to take too much time.. fortunately I had the excuse of counting some of it a research for my book.. but the more I got to think of it, I knew I had to make it my goal to answer every tweet that was directed to me.

Doing this with the idea that each tweet reply was addressing at least one real human being that had connected to me soon wasn’t a chore, it became a passion. Further it actually improved my connections off Twitter as well. I find I write more from the heart, have an easier time getting past the “empty paper” stage of starting a project and always have a lot more fun.

When a dark day occurs, I think of the the lives changed when one person stops to smile or share a kind word, rededicate myself to giving more and look for a few tweets in the stream where I can add value to the conversation.

Do you have a story of a short message, tweet, text or idea that changed your world? Please share in the comments.