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Many have wondered if there such a thing as a social media expert. There seem to be so many people claiming expertise.

I say “We all need to be experts in using the networking and marketing tools known as ‘social media’”

Like telephones, email, and indoor plumbing the profitable use of social media comes from applying new technology to existing problems. Some of us excel at doing the installation of the plumbing, others can design the buildings. All of us use the resulting products and services.

A social media ROI is not as predictable as buying ads. It can be much more profitable when you commit to a plan that matches your goals and, there are ways to predict and measure results.

If you aren’t getting results from your social media, content, or influencer marketing program, give me a buzz. I can help you.

Social Media Expert Warren Whitlock

Forbes Top Ten Social Media ExpertsWarren Whitlock has been named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers, social media expert, and the revolution going on in business today with a focus on using new technologies to build revenues and expand markets for brands.

Warren literally wrote the book on Twitter — he is the author of the first book ever written about the social media platform, Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online. The revolution is underway. The power of social media lies with the people who use tools like You decide how to use your power, and Warren’s book helps you make that decision effectively.

He’s also the author of Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games. Social media can be profitable if you go in with an open mind, a plan, and listen to your audience! It’s the old market cliché, many markets are an inch wide, and a mile deep. Without profits, social media and your business are just a hobby.


Warren consults businesses on the But his output doesn’t stop with books. Warren is a speaker, consultant, and host of Distributed Conversations, a new podcast about blockchain and new technologies. You can still listen his long running Profitable Social Media podcast too.

Following the trend to new media, Warren also produces the Billions Rising radio show, exploring opportunities for self-reliance around the globe, This show furthers the spirit of Warren’s mission to be of service to others in all that he does. And so does the technology we have today, which allows us to reach every corner of the earth… not to spread a message but to listen and open a dialogue to help those who are ready to help themselves.

Why Consult a Social Media Expert?

For centuries, business was done through person-to-person relationships. Our desire to buy from those that we know, like, and trust and to be treated fairly has not changed. However, the 20th century brought innovations that tilted the odds for those who learned to market to a mass in communicating the same way.

Social media gives us more an opportunity to serve our markets better and break away from the competition by allowing more human connections than ever before. We can reach mass audiences in ways never imagine by 20th-century marketing practices. Brands that understand and allow this into new data, new connections and new experiences to tailor the company’s offerings face a bright future. Achieve your business goals with measurable ROI by engaging a social media expert with decades of online marketing experience in the real world.

The Important Difference About Warren

Warren is a bottom-line guy who gets results. He’s different from a lot of other results superstars like himself in one important way: he’s got heart. Don’t think that’s a cliché. It’s not. In fact, it’s extraordinarily important because Warren deals with some of the most vulnerable properties an individual can offer: his or her own book, the very expression of one’s own knowledge, life experience, and resulting wisdom. You want a guy with heart to help you with something like that.

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