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Warren Whitlock’s Mission

Warren Whitlock’s mission to to help brands improve the results of their digital marketing.

Throughout his career, he has created new strategies to use influence and persuasion to help his clients to achieve their goals.

A Business Storyteller With a Vast network

“I set hard sales goals and measured performance but never forget that people hate being sold, but love to buy.”

Warren Whitlock has been an entrepreneur in the computer, publishing, and media industries. He looks for collaborations where brands can share resources, extend their reach and give customers an experience they will want to share with others.

Warren currently partnering with IBM Futurists and a few brands and startups along with keynotes where I can engage executives transforming their organizations for an abundant future.

Services I Offer

I can help your business grow through the following services


I help brands and startups disrupt industries and refine growth strategies.

Social Media

Social media early adopter and author of the first book about Twitter: “Twitter Revolution.”


Advisor to startups on ICO, e-commerce and the future of blockchain.


I speak about taking advantage of digital media strategies that drive growth and profits.


As a top online influencer across sectors, I help build strategies for influence in noisy markets.


Distributed Conversations interviews Thought Leaders. Available through all major podcast distributors 

Watch Some of His Latest Videos

Mobile Mining is SO COOL – Ivan Likov of Cryptocurrency on your phone

by Warren Whitlock


What my past clients think about my services

Mari Smith

Facebook Marketing Specialist

“I first met Warren at an event in ’04. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and become even greater friends through Facebook. In my opinion, Warren is *the* go-to guy for everything book authoring and book marketing. If you want to put yourself on the map BIG time with your book, Warren’s services are the first class way to get you there! He’s extremely helpful and friendly and always has a can-do attitude. I give him two thumbs up!!?”

Bill Gluth

Business Breakthrough Strategist

“Warren Whitlock is the real deal when it comes to promotional strategies. I’ve seen him catapult authors from obscure to well known, as if by magic. The real magic is Warren’s deep understanding of how marketing works. If you have a book that needs to be # 1 on Amazon, Warren is your absolute best choice.”

Mark S A Smith

Business Growth Strategist, Hosts the Executive Strategy and Leadership Skills Summit

“Are you looking for ideas how to find prospects and turn them into paying customers? Talk with Warren. He offers powerful, pragmatic insights into connecting with the right people who can say the right thing at the right time. And he’s fun to hangout with. Get ready for some interesting stories.”

Latest Podcast

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