We’re all gonna be using a crypto wallet, in the next few year. It’s being adopted like smartphones, like the internet, like other technologies. Digital money that’s encrypted. Even governments are trying to figure out how they can do it? So it’s coming, but we’re here today to talk to George Kusher of H2cryptO about what that. so and how we can accelerate adoption.

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[00:00:00] Warren Whitlock: I’m Warren Wetlock here with another Distributed Conversations. Today’s guest is George Kushner.

He’s a person I’ve just met and in love with what he’s doing. He’s on a mission to allow the masses to use crypto. We all know it’s coming.

We know that we’re all gonna be carrying the crypto wallet, in the five, 10 year range. Undoubtedly that’s gonna happen. It’s being adopted like smartphones, like the internet, like other technologies, digital money that’s encrypted and. perfect sense. Even governments are trying to figure out how they can do it? So it’s coming, but we’re here today to talk to George about what that. So and how are you gonna accelerate it? Let’s start there.

[00:00:56] George Kushner: I think it all begins really with education. I I speak to [00:01:00] a lot of people all over the world And I think when I say, this comment, I’m about to say? it’s either a punch to the gut or cold water to the face and it shakes them up. And crypto right now is a very small, what I would consider cottage industry.

And pretty much no one in the world owns crypto. And I know people listening say, What did that guy just say? Let me quantify that. Right now you have about 8 billion people in the world and around 300 million plus or minus have exposure. Cryptos, that’s less than 4%. All of the research indicates there’s one main pain point preventing this mass and broad adoption and it’s just, its sheer complexity where we come in and my firm is to say, Hey, look, stuff is complicated.

We know it’s difficult and that’s why we’re here for you 24 7, 365 for live support, help, education assistance, and general crypto know-how. Warren, I spent almost 30 years on Wall Street and when I

first got into crypto, I had no idea what I was. And at one point in if I couldn’t

[00:01:57] Warren Whitlock: You’re one of those guys who could explain what a [00:02:00] CDO is and please don’t yeah.

[00:02:02] George Kushner: Fair enough.

[00:02:03] Warren Whitlock: And imagine what trouble that. got in and no one can figure it out. Crypto’s been somewhat like that. I know in my own experience, I’ve had times when I held some crypto and couldn’t find it and had been in an obscure wallet I spent.

Looking for what I’d done wrong about the password and stuff They ended up having three accounts for the same wallet that only worked for this one particular crypto. a substantial amount of it, so it was worth doing, but I’m just lazy enough about the paperwork that I kept putting it off.

And finally I found that we had a paperwork that where I just basically put stuff that, it stays there for about a year. I put a lid on and it goes out in the garage for a while. This one, we had a cat visiting the house. and , got taken out when it was about third full and it had been out garage so that we didn’t have to smell it, and I had to go out, retrieve that and dig through that.

It ended up, I answer someplace else, but it was also on that paperwork. and that thrown out except for a that we had to keep and again, sealed in a box and hopefully I don’t have to go back in that box again. Yeah, and it, that was the minor part of it.

That was still mostly me, but the fact that I can’t just go in and know that it’s there scares me. A Coinbase just announced something. Today or recently for Lords listening to the podcast about wanting to make things easier. And if I read the news they’re gonna reveal politicians bid business people hold in crypto inside Coinbase That just scares the heck out of me. I aren’t those accounts private? And knowing that those things can change and knowing that Coinbase.

has gone could still ultimately fail, I want to have cold storage And I realize I put off cold storage now for five years. I have too much Coinbase.

That’s part of it and it’s part someplace else. But that’s again, that’s the mess. I can pull up a screen, it’ll tell me what my crypto’s worth every day. And if there’s a thing on tells me exactly what I’m worth in crypto . I have it. but then could I actually get to all of. And that’s my personal. Now you’re, you of of a way to get to this. I know your service is a main feature of this, but how did you get to getting the right wallet and to the right people and, why is it H two Crypto?

[00:04:29] George Kushner: So our all of our banking and custodial duties are handled by United States Charter Trust Company. The nice thing about that is all of our clients’ deposits are covered by F D I C, just like any other bank, up to the $250,000 maximum amount. And then on the back end, the wallets are provided by a company called Fire Blocks, which is a Israeli firm.

They’re one of the 800 pound gorillas in the space, if not the firm. And the interesting thing about our setup is our [00:05:00] clients’ crypto is held until. Of either buying or selling or need to move crypto around, then it’s put back on in a hot wallet. So our setup is, I think, pretty interesting.

The space obviously is moving forward. There’s a lot of evolutionary processes going forward. Which is just extraordinary to say, considering the industry’s been around for 13 years, but yet we still really are in these very early phases right now. And the preliminary information we’ve gotten back from our clients, especially the new folks, that’s who we’re catering to, the pure retail people that want to get into crypto, they’re afraid of it.

They don’t really have that hand holding else, and that’s where we come in. But when we explain the Most people have really liked that Everyone still has the option moving it into a, ledger or whatever the device they wanted to use and ultimately have it their own.

But we let the client ultimately decide, how they want to house and protect their their crypto.

[00:05:54] Warren Whitlock: Yeah. So a trader, since you are in

exchange, a trader could go on And [00:06:00] trade between things And whatnot, but you’re, you are geared for the, not the traders, geared for the people that say it’s time to get some crypto. So maybe I’m the a hundred dollars a week into crypto. And I’m gonna have an out of every paycheck or something like you can handle that because you start with being hooked up to the F D I C insured bank trust. I sometimes get miss on some of these legal differentiations between a trust and a bank a. Whatever. It’s the, but it’s in the banking system where a lot of ’em have the problem we’re really easy.

You just need meta math, which is a Google plugin. And then you need to go over And you need to be on the right chain. And then you kind of, of, crypto. And then you need to have it changed into another kind of crypto. And then you can buy our crypto. And I like why do I need to take four steps? Have a way for me? Good old American green backs there. and of course there’s a little bit, there is a transaction fee when you do that, right? Your is there’s a transaction. Yeah. [00:07:00] but, if I’m in, if I’m in the kind of, gonna dollar average and put The thousand dollars a month, a hundred dollars a week, 10 cents a day, whatever 10 cents a day may not quite work, but, whatever I have said, Then lot of payments, The transaction cost on that is cheap compared to putting it, into a 401K and all those kind of things. It’s just,

[00:07:20] George Kushner: It is. And a couple things. One is we’re absolutely out of the gate. Certainly geared and catering towards retail clients all around the world. I think with that being said, the interesting thing about our setup is we do have two UXs, if you will. So we do have a user experience for the simpleton and which I actually love myself, where it’s literally a one click by or sell.

We have about six predetermined boxes from $50, I think up to a thousand. And then we have a customized box where you can type in whatever number you want. So we can do that for both buy and sell. And then if you are a more souped up kind of trader and technical analysis is your thing, we do have another [00:08:00] option where you have all the technical capabilities all of our major competitors have.

So it is offered to both. But I would say right now we’re absolutely, certainly skew. More towards the retail investor and you mentioned, Deferred Invest, you mentioned 401k. I personally feel that once the United States governmental regulatory clarity starts coming into play, I think that crypto investing in IRA accounts and 4 0 1 accounts is going to be absolutely massive.

And as a matter of fact, we are working very diligently. up and running by the end of this year to be the first cryptocurrency exchange that we know of, to be able to offer our US clients a direct way to invest in their irate from the exchange. a part of the industry’s issue, I think, is the ecosystem is so cluttered. and to your point, just trying to make a simple transaction of four steps. What about if I wanna defier buy NFTs or buy, borrower lend

or sake, or buy hard assets like commercial real estate starts starting to

tokenize. It’s extraordinarily Over time, we

wanna collapse the ecosystem and offer everything [00:09:00] blockchain,

[00:09:00] Warren Whitlock: I’ve just read where one of the large. Fidelity type funds. I can’t remember if one, but they were going to be offering people a chance to put crypto in their 401K or, whatever. They’ve announcement recently and like, Yeah, but I follow those things.

I’ve never really been an investor, I’ve or, an index and let somebody else figure it out. And and nothing wrong with that, but you are leaning that direction. Those guys, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be one of them in the future because instead of trying to system of the million other products, they.

You’re gonna we’re start with the foundation you have, And when those things come it’ll be better, won’t be great when you can take a 401k and put it right into. Into crypto. And that’s gotta come at some point. The more the SEC says they’re wondering about it or the admin, the administration.

I not for the date on it, but doesn’t matter which president it is. always giving us mixed signals about what they wanna [00:10:00] and, inevitable. It’s like the more they say they’re going to, I learned Oh, gosh, this was late seventies. I read that.

Of the, one of the ways you can tell when somebody’s gonna devalue the currency is the head of the country who says, We’re looking good. We’ll never devalue the currency. And then, one’s coming,

[00:10:16] George Kushner: Exactly. That’s a kiss to death right then and

[00:10:18] Warren Whitlock: say they’re lying. We’ll just say that they’re wrong. When you say


[00:10:22] George Kushner: Look, I think, United States government has so many different competing factions from the regulatory environ. From, the scc and then you have the cftc, then you have self regulatory organizations and you have of different people. And then with banking involved, you have the F I C, You have the Office of the control currency, the occ.

So there are a lot of moving parts and unfortunately no one I think which is really it ‘

snuck up on em. You They’ve hearing about this thing in the background for years and all of It

had this kind of industry, but it’s time for them to

[00:10:55] Warren Whitlock: of when Detroit was telling us that the Japanese car were small and not useful.

[00:10:59] George Kushner: [00:11:00] There we

[00:11:00] Warren Whitlock: a 67 Dotson as my first car. And it was an automatic, And I gotta tell you, had not figured out automatic transmission.

in 1967. the man, I felt like all I did was working part-time in high school was to that car repaired in the automatic transmission. I on to drive two 80 Zs and loved, Nissans, but boy, that’s 67, Dawson

I was

[00:11:24] George Kushner: Look

[00:11:25] Warren Whitlock: when they said the Japanese can’t make a car. But

[00:11:27] George Kushner: and I think that’s a.

[00:11:28] Warren Whitlock: they now make a lot of American cars right here in the us

[00:11:32] George Kushner: And that’s a great analogy for crypto right now. It’s still very chunky, clunky, scary, but over time these going to be worked out and over time when you have firms like ours and platforms like ours, That are there, because here’s the thing everybody keeps talking about. What, happens when the next billion. comes and the next We’re not. We’re nowhere near the first billion. to 3.3 x multiple from where we are right now just to get there, and we’re never going to get understand it. And that’s

[00:11:57] Warren Whitlock: I that And the beauty of this is when you’re [00:12:00] investing in Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is unique in that? it’s very hard as a hard currency, you can’t make more not to say that Bitcoin is gonna be preeminent forever. How can I predict that? No one can’t, but it sure appears like they right.

And if you’re smart enough to get your Bitcoin and not from exchanges understanding wallets or all the things you are talking and you hold it it’s going up. So the prediction I heard this is about a year ago. They were predicting the that we’ve seen this year.

And they were saying that, On in the long term these guys that bought it at, 200 or $30 or the first thou under a thousand range. All those guys from 10 years ago saying that we’ve been watching The Economist showed us a chart where when the amount of Bitcoin.

Goes, 10 x the value And so that is, that’s been very helpful for a year where I’ve seen a lot of variance crypto is. It could go to zero. We could all lose all that’s possible. probable I’ve now [00:13:00] read about in fact I recommend to everyone to read the Bitcoin standard. the book has the Bitcoin standard. And it talks about monetary systems. Going way back, you have to get almost the second half of the book before you talk much about Bitcoin and you just go This is the hardest of hard currencies. Gold has been monetized where the same bar gold could be sold to held and derivatives or whatever to grow that. have something like that, but Bitcoin, it can’t away. It’s there. Say they’re not gonna inflate it. There’s just no way to do. So I think that’s start looking, and I’m at the time, Bitcoin was in the 40 to 50 range and I’m going like, Yep, 10 x, that’s about what they’re say, and then the, next cycle, is possible.

They also were saying the cycle we just had within closer to a hundred. But if I go back right to the where these same experts were predicting before that. cycle, they were saying between 60 and. [00:14:00] And sure enough, middle of that. I’m not smart enough to at that price and then bought back at 15. The best I can do. Yeah, I don’t worry that, I’ve 75% of my net worthing but it’s gone down that much. It, it’s gonna go back up. And I’m I didn’t buy this stuff to trade. And so for retail investors, that makes perfect sense to be able to get into something simple and just leave it alone.

[00:14:26] George Kushner: That’s

[00:14:27] Warren Whitlock: buying Coca-Cola stock in the twenties.

[00:14:30] George Kushner: I think that’s sound advice. Look, I think that just like in the equity markets or any other trad I think that everything begins with someone doing their research and due diligence. I think that you need to look at some solid coins and. Again, this is not investment advice, if you, when you’re dipping your toe in the proverbial crypto pool, I think to your point, owning Bitcoin and E as starters, just to get your sea legs from under you makes an awful lot of sense.

There are currently 20,000 cryptocurrencies there today. If you ask me [00:15:00] personally, how many do I think survive, I would think 90% actually fail at least 90%. I think it’s gonna be very similar to the.com bust of, 99, 2000, 2000. But just because 90% fail does not mean it’s an indictment on the entire industry.

There are really some really solid sound projects and teams and founders that are doing great things. And I think, again, it’s going to be, there are gonna be so many different things that are coming down

the pike blockchain, so can

even right now to be happening and happening.

And again, I just how are

in this whole

[00:15:32] Warren Whitlock: to invest. I need to I believe in. what you’re doing I hold some and what you’re doing some equity in this, but yeah. That’s why because this is a company it doesn’t take. Your token or Your company going up. to make the money. It should. But it’s the, maybe I’m saying that wrong. It really is Your company will go up. It’s not about everything going up. Bitcoin can crash. We can all buy it at $5 again, and, the long [00:16:00] run, crypto is going to win. And the companies that build a base taking care of their customer, of having technology and of course have customer service are gonna be around. And, yeah, I can’t predict that your company’s gonna do well, But am telling about two Crypto. that’s, why I had you on the show. So all, all disclosures doing this if I But still, it you’ve gotta, But that’s, I think it’s math.

I learned when I was working and publishing for a while. There are plenty of books out where the publisher just counts on most of them failing, which is sad cuz most of the authors is their life’s work they put into that book. But they’ll take and if five of them break even, one will make enough money to cover doing. And true people in entertainment. There are movies that bomb and there’s grossly inflated profits They a lot more. It’s not that it’s gross that they make profit, dollar franchises that had trouble selling the [00:17:00] first script and those are possible. and where else could you be getting kinda stuff except for investing in the infrastructure, It’s gonna take as we convert the world to, to all crypto and bypass a lot of the banking.

[00:17:14] George Kushner: And look, I, when I was working in traditional finance or trad pie, as the cool kids are calling it these days, there were a couple of words that were used that have bled over into the web three blockchain space. And the first word is democratization. And on Wall Street for almost three decades, there’s very little democratization out there. it. is really about ultimately ripping off your clients, whether it’s a big institutional pension fund or an individual investor. And that’s the sad commentary of it. And when I came into the blockchain world, but at this stage of my career, There’s a big altruistic slant to what we’re doing.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re a for profit company, but we do want to help people and we know that there has been so many people that have been hurt and [00:18:00] locked out of banking in the financial system since the daunting of man, even in the United States. This is a global statistic, but it includes United States, one in five, around the world.

20% of the world is either un. Or underbanked, but almost everyone has access or owns the mobile phone. And if you own that mobile phone, you can now play because now open an account and hold crypto. So When you think about democratization, that really does start to level the playing field. and then we start talking about building community And about. When you and I grew up born, our community was our little en plate, maybe a mile or two from our, from where we lived. And that was. But today with what all the technol technology we have communities built up all over the world because really C communities, nothing more than a commonality, a like interest.

And that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to say, Hey, this stuff is difficult, this stuff is complicated, but understand the power of this technology.

Now it’s going up, change the world.

And even though someone might have built the greatest widget in the entire world, if no one knows how to use it it’s just gonna sit there and nothing’s gonna

happen. So [00:19:00] I’m not pick.

[00:19:00] Warren Whitlock: I found that something. you can look at, almost everything I come across, is it moving for centralization or decentralization? I don’t get involved with politics because be centralized. They’ve got the idea that government can fix something. I just watched, it was an old report my wife had on YouTube an hour ago.

Know something about And my opinion of FEMA is they give too much money one time and not enough money for the next crisis. And they’re always trying to the reason I bring it up is people were saying, This is what’s wrong And

[00:19:31] George Kushner: I


[00:19:31] Warren Whitlock: who agree with says maybe private people can take care of each other a little bit. Of course we want to care when there’s a hurricane or a flood or whatever, but is it the centralizing control, the answer? And I find that in everything. And in centralized federal government and the bankers who.

Maybe control the federal buddies the federal government, however you want to put that they’re all for keeping this centralized cuz of the more money and power they have. [00:20:00] And I just, it led me to the idea that, Wall Street is corrupt in a not a legal way.

They may be breaking what I’m here about. The corruption of Inter for Society is that we take the best and the brightest qu. And have them apply their knowledge to how we can get, say a transaction through in a, in faster so that trade, we can buy it, buy something after we sell it, and have a locked in profit, dark pools and all that kind of of stuff.

And that go wait a minute. All of those people working to do good in the world. Would be wonderful. They, what they do those guys making a lot more money. and do we need ’em? Do we need to run every transaction? We no longer need to have. I call broker who writes Microsoft on and waves it around to find somebody that wants or sell whatever.

And those brokers are not needed. that margin is not needed

[00:20:55] George Kushner: right.

[00:20:56] Warren Whitlock: More like a transaction. We need to something like the, [00:21:00] Actually the Wall Street Bet Guy is working on this, now, he’s, it’s not Wall Street Bet’s, the redhead. Their idea is Robin Hood is a democratized enough.

Because they still clear everything through the big bangs and the hedge funds and things like that, which is what people got mad at in the whole game. Stop. And they had to shut down trading for a while. And when I talked to him, he says, Yeah, the future is going to be that I want to sell Microsoft. I sell it to you in some intermediary area that records this or whatever is gonna get there.

Maybe a half a point could even on the transaction. So I can sell stock to my. Without somebody getting involved. and of Tim Grayer said this a few years ago. He was speaking at an event I was at oh gosh, 2019 I think, he said that his tax return from his crypto trades was a good size box of paperwork. him months to compile and put together all the profits and losses and [00:22:00] all that from the trading he did. a professional which, comes under a little bit different rules. These were, capital gains and holding for a wallet, just as an investor.

And what a. And he proposed, he was actually on stage with somebody, was total for total anarchy. And the great thing about crypto is you’ll nev, you never have to pay taxes. And he says, That’s just wrong. we should taxes that we owe. And the way to get to that is to make it like, Every transaction, a point goes to the government or whatever the number is, and and then the taxes get collected and everybody prosper.

I think they ought to collect a They ought to decentralize more, let the states control things. But, and actually we find that the most innovative government comes to the city and county level, state and so yeah, get rid of most of that federal infrastructure, but I’m anar.

Because when I became Libertarian I learned that, Libertarians only want to get rid of 90% of the federal [00:23:00] government. And I I looked at and I going, Okay, I’m skeptical at that. But if we go for 90 and we only get 40, wouldn’t that be So got reduce, Make it Bypass Wall Street Bypass, about what’s gonna be in your school lunch.

Whatever that is. I don’t know that they do that I shouldn’t give ’em my ideas if they’re not already.

[00:23:22] George Kushner: that the whole notion that you were speaking about a few minutes ago, the peer-to-peer And getting rid of the the middle man. That’s certainly coming. And I think that all the

things That you just soak about with the record keeping and all of that, I again, the blockchain’s just the

Beautiful place. to record all these things.

And I think all of these securities are gonna be

digitized And

[00:23:41] Warren Whitlock: even recent unicorns, Uber. That was rid of the taxi companies in the fleet and the maintenance all at one place. Put that out to the driver to take care of. And there’s people to complain about the Uber situation, what, how they treat driver, but not the drivers. ask every single one. They driving for say they [00:24:00] look forward to being in their car 14 hours in a day sometimes, and you, But then They say I don’t have to, if they need kid sick they punch out of the app And go do, of their.

They work more that or the next morning whatever. Very few of them work a standard every day, like it’s a job. And the, all the ideas about unionizing, everything is we need to centralize. No. It’s pretty good the way it works. However, they do complain about how much money Uber gets.

And to think 10 years ago, we’re going, Thank goodness for Uber because it was going Democratize and make the pricing better on and the availability so much better on taxis. Which could they, the taxis could have put in a right hailing service. They had the fleets, they had the ability to do it.

They didn’t, Someone came along and innovated and now when I talked to ’em and I remind them of, we’ve got blockchain now. There’s no reason that, that trust, that Uber brings of [00:25:00] knowing that you’re not gonna get murdered when you a. could be handled an agency that does the equivalent KYC KYC for rider. And and then you could just pay and, a transaction fee, something like a merchant fee, so a few percent could go to whatever organization takes care of it. And again, we could be paying the drivers more for. not anti Uber I’m a total Uber fan, but I know it’s not the ultimate.

The ultimate is I need something. I push a button. I. can do that. I want not to just get Uber that is gonna come pick me up.

and take me to the airport. I want to push a button and the, I bypass security at the airport because I. Done my proper KYC for that. I get onto the plane, another Uber picks me up.

They now have that when you land, the Uber driver gets notified. I just had my pick me up last week in la and he airport and he is an Uber driver part-time. And and then, when you get, when you land and you’re gonna send [00:26:00] the text, and I get a text from him saying

[00:26:03] George Kushner: Look,

[00:26:03] Warren Whitlock: you already the plane that landed.

[00:26:06] George Kushner: get getting back to simplicity, that’s what people prefer. And I think with Uber, their UI is simple. It’s consistent. The

UX is not so much consistent because it depends on which driver you get. I’ve had some.

[00:26:17] Warren Whitlock: a 75% of the way there that I can imagine. But ultimately, I imagine this just happening for everybody in our lifetimes, to live another 40 years, in our lifetimes, I don’t see it, it happening that everything like this. has worked out. But I use dry cleaners, in dry cleaning, You can, can get a special time.

You can be told, Hey, you’re not here. You said you needed this. It’s important. You want to have it delivered. You wanna wait for it because, I need my power suit to fly to the east coast on an overnight. and it’s five o’clock and they promised to have it ready and it was ready but Warren forgot.

I’m running late, getting ready for the big presentation, and I want them to do bend over backwards to take care of [00:27:00] me. and I’ll pay ’em for it. to the right corner, I want none of that. I want to drop it off, come back in a few weeks. They’ve up when I’m in the neighborhood and it’s. Funny. I’ve been using that I now think about how many years since I got dry cleaning. , Thank

[00:27:13] George Kushner: Yeah, you can be both.

[00:27:14] Warren Whitlock: yeah. We all dress more casual, work at home and everything’s yeah. Ultimately all those things are could have multi notifications not. Contact me on WhatsApp, Telegram Google Chat. I don’t know why. Email, text and Facebook. One guy does all of those and everything he needs is in a hurry. He is crypto logo. He is flying all over the world, and when he needs. He wants something right away.

He’s also a friend. that’s why he gets into Facebook Messenger. I don’t want use that with And and he texts me And I get it and, oh, that’s it. I was every time I woke up. check. Maybe he needs something cause he’s trying to get a new site. and I control his [00:28:00] dns trust me with that. And yeah, here, redirect this It The work takes five minutes. The keeping track of It takes a lot of effort

[00:28:08] George Kushner: Yeah.

[00:28:09] Warren Whitlock: And I get paid well for what I do. But yeah he did recently. it was 24 hours. later. I’m going like, I never used this channel.

It just that somebody else. And then trying to get me ahold of me in that channel. I wanted Oh gosh, I’d let it go 24 hours. He’s not upset or anything, but, I like to keep to the standard that if somebody asks for something, I get it done.

And we, system, the AI that’s gonna take care of all that and know how to get me, I gotta watch that’s connected. Why can’t my watch beep? Only when it’s important. All the tech is. But I’ve gotta set it up so that each one of those nodes to ping my watch at the right time, keep some record.

It’s almost like I gotta write software for it, but piece of cake. So I like what you’re doing. We’re solving everyday problems for everyday people and something that just the scalability of [00:29:00] what you’re doing is so great. It’s not gonna go by a hundred times cuz a hundred times is 300%. So pop. In volume of crypto. Yeah. Cause most of the 3% is still people I think crasher down market, the players and some of ’em just don’t come back. So actively using crypto and having a significant amount of money in.

Gotta be more like 1%, so that can grow by a hundred . And then the volume, of course. So great. Where do we find you?

[00:29:32] George Kushner: H2crypto.io is the website, and

that is we’re also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and TikTok should be but we’re

on all the regular social media

[00:29:46] Warren Whitlock: Yeah, we’re gonna get on TikTok, Crypto crypto your crypto, and.

you’ve got h2o, clever thing in the logo,

[00:29:53] George Kushner: Very


[00:29:54] Warren Whitlock: We’ll, just, yes. It’s very liquid And it flows well, but, And that’s good. and it’s [00:30:00] for being crypto-related. great. So go to H two crypto.io and find out about it. things there check ’em out. No one, I can’t tell you what to invest in but I can tell you that I invest. That’s okay. And what I heavily invested in is decentralization and I think you guys are moving us forward in a significant way when this takes off.

So thank you for being on the show and we’ll catch you all next time.

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