Here’s a 3 way cross promotion that is chocked full of goodies

1) MindBites is promoting Squidoo for free promotion of their expertise:

“You should share what you know with the world because it will enrich your life,
enrich someone else’s life and earn money while sharing your passion. Something
that you are very skilled at or something that you have been professionally
trained to do is worth sharing with other people. MindBites makes it easy for
you to upload your own ‘how to’ video and post it up for sale.”

2) They used a great example of a cheaply made video that has great information that you can use plus a very fun song about cheese. Watch and learn now.

You can also upload videos the way I do using
3) They are also promotion Squidoo (where every author should have a book lens)

And thanks to the power of blogging, I am promoting my tips about promotion by telling you about this and placing a comment on their Squidoo lens.

You can easily do the same. Just find something cool, comment and talk about it on your blog.

And be sure to put a comment here to let us know what you are up to.