by Judy Cullins

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Maybe you have affiliate programs, maybe you have a service-oriented web site. Definitely you want more affiliate click throughs that boost your commissions. Definitely you want more qualified clients, and definitely you want more targeted visitors to your site. To stand out from the crowd do these things:

1. Feature your own free content on you web site to educate your visitors. This builds trust and they are more likely to buy from you. Make most of these articles your own to show you as the savvy expert.

2. Set up your articles with links that lead to your affiliate programs. When you write an article why something is important and useful to your audience, it’s like a mini sales letter and sets up ready buyers.

3. Parlay targeted people coming to your site daily. Build these numbers by submitting your well-edited articles to top article directories like ezine and article When thousands, even millions, interested in your topic people, read your gems, they will eagerly go to your web site where after a few visits, will buy from you.

4. Know this viral marketing is the number one way to get BIG visibility. Because blogs, other web sites, newsletters, and big companies constantly need new content for their readers, you can expand to much bigger audiences.

5. Find out your visibility progress by Googling your name or your article title. Once you see the growth as min from 900 in four months to over 110,000 in 6 years. Read where you are featured, and send them more articles because they already used you..

6. Know consistently writing and submitting articles will make you well-respected and known globally. Be sure to send one or two weekly to top-rated Web sites to make your marketing sizzle.

Other article writing benefits include low cost, free if you do it yourself, and you attract many because you take time to educate them . The time to do this is also short, probably only four hours a week. Keep writing those articles. The payoffs are big.

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