When I’m out and about promoting and marketing books and authors, I meet a lot of people. Then there’s my mailing list, my linkedin connections, Myspace, Facebook, Friendster.

Thousand and thousand of relationships. How do you keep up?

When someone asks me how I manage to know so many people, I smile and accept the compliment, but inside I’m thinking that I know that I miss more opportunities than I can count. (if you haven’t heard from me, I apologize).

So now I focus on web sites, systems and tools that help make real connections.

Last week, a woman that I met last year sent a Facebook message to let me know she had told an author about how I can turn a book into a best seller and suggested he contact me to attract more readers. So far, I haven’t heard from him, which is exactly my point.

I would never know that she thought of me if she didn’t reach out and let me know

I’m all for doing good without looking for the reward, and appreciate that people make referrals, give testimonials and talk up a person or a product just because they want to help that person.

But why not make someones day and let them know you cared enough to think of them?

Once I got the message about the author needing book promotion, I sent a thank you reply and
that would have been the end of it.

Then I thought. Why not take 1 minute and return the favor?

I sent a message to one of my clients that might be interested in her services, then sent her a greeting card from Send Out Cards

Great service they have. In about a minute, I can send a real greeting card.. I just type in the name and address (or pull it from my address book that I have imported), type a note and hit send.

They take care of all the rest.

Have you tried SendOutCards?

What do you use to let people know you are thinking of them?

Post a comment and let me know you were here.