Remember the press releases?

Last week, I wrote about this in my Book
Marketing Expert BLOG (here)

I wanted you to know how I DOUBLED the
number of people signing up for a new
program from my friend and co-author Dan

Marketing Best Practices

Dan talked about it during our
teleseminar last week. I’ve taken some
basic marketing principles and applied
the latest technologies to get FAST and
EASY promotion.

Would you like to learn about it?

I can tell you.. but first, I want to let
you know how you can use these same

You can do this. You can pay to make it
SPENDING MONEY… just to make sure it

Here’s what we did.

  1. I talked Dan into a complimentary seminar for everyone on my mailing list.
  2. Dan sweetened the pot with over $400in bonus gifts.
  3. I put details of the promotion in my BLOG
  4. I issued a press release announcing the training and got instant top ten search positions and over 101,000 internet news feeds.
  5. I wrote about the promotion in my blog, and sent you links to read more about it on my blog.

HOW MUCH DID IT COST? – not much!

Dan has been getting tremendous results
for clients that engage him. The word of
mouth is feeding his growth, and he was
happy to share this with you.

The bonus gifts are other offers that
will give you superb benefits but won’t
cost us the $400 value we are giving

I did not have to buy anything to get the
blog set up. The domain name is registered to
me for $10 per year… and hosted for
next to nothing on my server. (this part
is optional)

So the only charge is for the press
release. We wanted it out fast, and wide
spread, so I paid prweb $80 up front. You
could submit a press release for $30 or
$10.. voluntary payment of $10 means you
can track the results.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE – you should be promoting this way.

It doesn’t take much time. The costs are
miniscule. You can set up a blog and
issue a press release in less than an

DID IT WORK – Oh yeah.. We had GREAT results.

You see the number of books,
teleseminars, promotions that I talk
about here. I have a pretty good idea how
many people will sign up for any program.

Dan’s program and offer are fantastic.
And I expected responses to be at the
very high end of that spectrum.


Well, that brings us up to date.

Dan had a server crash in the middle of
last week, his site was up and then down
and then up again for a few hours and
down for nearly a day.

Wonder what he would have seen if the
server worked?

Well, let’s find out.

I told Dan to hold the seminar again. Dan
follows my LAW OF RECIPROCITY training
and goes overboard to provide a ton of
great information up front. He GIVES AWAY
the seminar and $400 in gift products
because he knows that it’s good for

Make no mistake. This marketing program
blows away any other system I’ve ever
used. The POWER is in giving the most
value possible up front.

If you’ve missed the notices, haven’t
been following the emails, blog entries,
teleseminar, and gifts… no worries. You
can still get in if you ACT TODAY.

You will want to pay attention to what
Dan is teaching. And notice how he
promises a huge amount of information
that any author, entrepreneur, or
professional can put to use right away.

I don’t know your exact situation… how
you’ll use this to grow your business
and/or career. I can promise that when
you look at the this, taking notes on how
you can apply THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY and
gift marketing to your own situation,
you’ll begin to see how you can have
business coming to you.

Imagine that.. no more chasing money..
turn things around and let it chase YOU!

Jump over to the page now. Sign up to
have Dan explain this all to you.

Get more marketing results

Warren Whitlock
The Marketing Results Coach
#1 Best selling author & book marketing expert
702-953-5843 –

PS. I know I sent a lot of mail on this
“anatomy of a promotion”.. I wanted to
make sure you saw how the combination of
PR and BLOGS was giving us new traffic
and building an instant reputation.

I’m working on a new project that I’ll be
telling you about soon… so this will be
the last of this series.

Don’t miss this chance. Read the blog
entries and make sure you’ve heard Dan’s

Marketing results with Dan and Warren

Easy way to learn.. and bonus gifts for