Deb Micek and I are writing a book on call Twitter Handbook

We decided from the start that the book would be open source, we want to do whatever we can in public, using Twitter and social media to connect with Twitter users and those who want to know more about social media.

This week will be our 3rd Twitcast (a broadcast on Twitter). It’s actually just the two of us working in public. After a few minutes, Deb and I hardly get anything directly back and forth, there are so many more people involved.

Last time, we tried to get Twitter users to post comments to our blog, most just wanted to add their 140 characters right on Twitter. So this time we are using BlogTalkRadio where Deb and I will chat with those that want to call in, while reading and responding to Tweets.

Not the quickest way to write, but a lot of fun.

Read Deb’s blog post and join us Friday live on Twitter.

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