200 million people are in danger… but you and I can help.

You know power of cross promotion, right? We work together to get new readers, leads and customers.

Next month, we’re going to use this power to make “Diabetes Danger” an Amazon best seller.. right at the start of Diabetes Awareness month.

You can use this to add hundreds of new leads to your mailing list.


This is an easy way to find people that are interested in your products, books and services… all while helping with an important public education issue.

I hope you’ll join me.

Warren Whitlock
Marketing Results Coach
#1 Bestselling Author and book marketing expert

PS. I read DIABETES DANGER two weeks ago. I was so shocked that I started my first serious diet and exercise program in years.

I’ve lost 15 pounds, feel great, and hopefully reduced my own diabetes danger.

This is an important book. One your mailing list should hear about.. they will thank you for telling them about DIABETES DANGER.

It’s easy to participate.. take a moment and read this: