It troubles me greatly to think that as you I discuss how over a billion people are hungry and have need for clean drinkable water, there will likely be another  child fall because of these basic nutrition problems.

Our modern world support billions of people and capacity grows by the day. And there are two facts staring us in the face:

  1. The world is covers mostly in water so we aren’t running out
  2. Our output in total calories of nutrition far exceeds the needs of 7 billion people.

Sometimes, it seems the best thing to do is to prosper, make a donation and hope you picked one that won’t squander most of the money. Frankly, when asked where someone should send a check to support clean drinking water, I’m never sure what to say.

This isn’t a funding problem.

Friday night, I’ve invited James Talmage Stevens, the best selling author in the preparedness industry on my Profitable Social Media radio show to talk about his education campaign to help families be prepared for any situation. His book Making the Best of Basics, has sold 770,000 copies and is now out in a new edition.

However, I know we’ll spend a lot of time on a passion we share, getting clean drinkable water for the billion-plus people suffering right now. Listen to my show here

Looking For Better Explanations.. Better Ideas About Food

I spend an hour each evening reading and searching for new ideas like the one shown here. The following, Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish was one I just about passed on. I never eat fish! But OH, how glad I am that I watch this.

These Ideas Will Help You In Your Marketing

When I’m stuck on a problem, looking for a creative solution for my clients or wondering how I’ll work out a situation that seems insurmountable, I often think back to folks like Dan Barber.

If you’re like me, you’ll have a notepad out and several action items before you finish watching this short video.

I hope you will share your ideas with us.