I found this in my inbox.

I’ve lost all traces of where I found it.. so there’s a mystery here.. why as this in the “draft folder?”

I’m pretty sure I didn’t write or edit it… but it’s very profound and I don’t want to loose it.

The idea of pattern recognition one of the peculiar new
awarenesses of our time is the result of speed up. When things move
very quickly, their pattern or form of them appears very plainly
whereas when things move very slowly, it is not so easy to see a
This so has something to do with a lot of the confusions of our world
and when people who had previously been quite content in a fixed
position, in a job, or a career, are suddenly confronted with very
fast-moving situations where they can see overall patterns, they
suddenly become very discontented with their place, with their fixed
position. So the dropout is a normal kind of response to pattern
recognition… not that I mean in all aspects of our society, the
people who were dropping out right, left, and center are people who
suddenly have seen a pattern in their lives instead of just a fixed
position; visually oriented, everything in its place, a place for
everything, a classification, a job.

If you come across the origion, please post a comment so I can give proper attribution.