I’ll be in Florida this weekend. If you are near Tampa, come by the even where I’m speaking and let’s Tweet up. I’ll been meeting with clients part of the time, but if you are attending the event, I’m sure we’ll have time for a chat.

Friday will be a busy day. I’ve got a radio show broadcast from from the Internet Masters Seminar in Tampa (listen to the Twitter Radio Show here) right after an appearance on Aware Talk Radio

Aware Talk RadioHow are globalĀ  communication technologies such as twitter, facebook, myspace, & BTR affecting mass consciousness? When our every thought is digitally threaded together in real time, doesn’t the ‘100th monkey effect’ happen faster? Leaping human insight and understanding forward exponentially? Join Chad Lilly with special guest Warren Whitlock, #1 best selling author of Twitter Revolution for a discussion about ‘Advancing Technologies – Advancing Consciousness’ … and PARTICIPATE in a LIVE Social Experiment!!!

Do you know of other hosts looking to do a Twitter or Social Media program? Comment below. To book me on your radio show, start with a Tweet to @WarrenWhitlock

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