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Expert Predicts Book Rise in Sales – Why He Is Always Right

It’s no surprise that A book marketing expert claims that to a book will be #1 Best Seller. But how often can an author or publisher count on knowing the exact day and time?

Warren Whitlock, a book marketing expert from Las Vegas is giving odds on “A Marketing Plan For Life” by Robert Michael Friend. “It’s a sure thing. I know that this book will be a best seller” says Whitlock. “I’ve done this dozens of times, and it never fails. It will be number one.”

Whitlock has assembled a network of 327 authors and publishers that work together when there find a book that is missed in the major bookstores and media. He picks a day, creates a special offer for the book, and the partners tell their mailing lists about it.

Currently, readers can get dozens of free gifts, worth thousands of dollars with the purchase of one book from a web link at:

The book, “A Marketing Plan For Life” teaches Freid’s 12 step plan for success used by major corporations and small businesses to achieve success in marketing. He has taught thousands of individuals how “A Marketing Plan For Life” can create meaning, happiness, and TRUE success in life.

Warren Whitlock is a book marketing expert. He has helped hundreds of authors to become best sellers. His next book “Business Successes” is scheduled for release at the end of the year. Whitlock writes a blog about his book marketing advice at