For a few moments when I woke up this morning I forgot where I was.

You have come to expect the best book marketing and promotion advice from me.

I take that seriously and wind up in some odd places to stay on top of the latest trends, test new techniques, and report them to you here.

Yesterday, I set up a deal that will allow any author to sell more books, increase online recognition and create a new income stream. (and there is ZERO up front costs).

More on that very soon…

Creating a lot of “buzz” for you and your book is easy once you learn the step by step approach we’ve been using. We are just finishing up the details of a practical system that ANY author can use.

and.. It will GUARANTEE your success.

To test this program, I am looking for a few volunteers.
Just submit your comment to my ONE QUESTION SURVEY at:

I want to make sure we are addressing every question and challenge you have in marketing and promoting your book online.

I’m expecting hundreds of responses.

I promise to get to all of them in the order received. You will want to take a moment now to get in early..

When you share with me, I’ll see that you get a personal reply, plus an early bird look at the secret new program.

I committed to see you succeed at selling more books and getting the online recognition you deserve.

I look forward to your response.

PS. I’m going to keep track of the answers from the survey site, so I’d prefer you click through to respond.

But comments here will be viewed.. always welcome, and links to what you are doing encouraged.