NewAgeLive.FM, New Age Talk Radio, Is Set to Launch November 3, 2005 with Sherrilyn Kenyon in Her First Internet Talk Radio Interview: “We’re scheduling guests for the 2006 season. Would you like to be a guest on NewAgeLive.FM Internet Talk Radio Show?

We select our guests based upon their expertise in their specialized field. Each guest’s topic of discussion should fit the show’s overall theme. Our guests are typically leaders in their industry with a wealth of experience and a wide range of contacts to whom they will promote their upcoming show. Guests must have a web presence and their site must be capable of handling a large number of visitors.

Who would be an typical guest on our show? Authors who write non-fiction or fiction books that deal with any new age topic. For example, (and this is a partial list), non-fiction authors with books about developing or living with psychic abilities, Angels, Enlightenment, Crystals, Runes, Evolving Thought, Expanding Consciousness, Astrology, Healthy Alternative Living, Understanding The New Age, Near Death Experiences, Past Lives, The Paranormal, Tarot, Reiki, Wicca, or Mind, Body and Spirit topics. Fiction authors who write Paranormal Romance or Psychic Fiction.

We also want to talk to guests who are involved with and can discuss topics such as Book Marketing, Publicity, The Publishing Industry, What Editors Want, The Craft Of Writing as well as Metaphysical Practitioners who may not have a book released but are leaders in their chosen metaphysical field (Psychics, Reiki Practitioners, Aura Readers, Numerologists, Astrologers, etc).

If you would like for us to consider you for NewAgeLive.FM, New Age Talk Radio, just go to our guest page and fill out the form at”