I just received a question from Solly at AskWarren.com about finding people to help an author promote their book. I’d like to share my answer with you.

The first this to remember about partnerships is The Law of Reciprocity. Approach every relationship as an opportunity to add value, solve a problem or fulfill the desire of the other person and you’ll find that it’s much easier to get what you want.

The Law of Reciprocity says that if you give something to a person, they will automatically programed to want to return the favor.

Let’s apply this to promotional partnerships.

I can almost guarantee that the people you are looking for are not listing “help a new author sell books” on their list of goals for the year. Rather, the potential partner is looking for more content for their blog, radio show, newsletter or magazine, or and interesting guest to attract more viewers. If the potential partner is a mailing list owner, they will be looking for the above, plus new subscribers.

So before you ask for help. Learn what the partner wants.. get if for them.. be a resource.

In our Accelerated Book Marketing coaching group, we follow this process by showing authors how to establish a solid presence on the web, with tracking to know instantly when there is an opportunity. We have a whole section on attracting publicity by getting listed as a resource that potential partners will be looking for, even before we launch a campaign to become a best seller.

Here’s one tip from our section on Cross Promotion strategies that may help.


When I’m working with a successful celebrity client, I ask them how they feel when someone approaches them in public. I want to know just what gets them motivated to help new authors (they almost always WANT to help but have limited time and resources).

Most authors tell me that someone approaching them that has read their books, subscribed to their newsletters or purchase a product will get a warm reception. A heartfelt testimonial is even better.

Imagine walking up to the most famous author in your books category saying “I read your book. You helped me….” and then the most important phrase.. “What can I do to help you spread your message further?”

Now, you may not be able to meet in person. Fortunately, the Internet will allow you to do this online.

1. Make a list of the authors you would like to partner with
2. Subscribe to their newsletter.
3. Watch for announcements of new books.
4. Order the book.
5. See who they partner with.. repeat the process with each.

As you start looking for partners in the network of authors that help promote other authors, you will discover dozens that are actively using cross promotions. Make sure you subscribe to their mailing lists, look at their free offers (that’s how they market) and look for clues about their passions and desires.

You really can get anything you want by helping other people get what they want.

The fastest way to network this way is through our ZeroCostPromotions.com network. You can join free and most promotions a free too. Make sure you are on the list to get advanced notice of the biggest new cross promotion book launches at http://zerocostpromotions.com/