Gary’s question is a common one. Most authors have no mailing list. We cover how to promote your book online in our FREE course for authors, but I think this message will add emphasis.

Just yesterday, I held a webinar with some of my readers.. all of them have been taught, reminded and begged to follow my number one rule for promoting online.

Never, ever, start a conversation with “I have no list”

You can buy advertising, hire a PR firm, and travel to all the bookstores on earth. If you have a big enough budget, you really don’t have to have a mailing list. But the funny thing is, most successful rich authors have a mailing list. Why not start with the most effective marketing and promotion device for authors ever invented?

I reminded the class to write my name and email address on a piece of paper. “There you go.. you have a small list”

Then we took a survey about authors mailing lists. Can you guess the responses?

50% of those on the call said that they have no mailing list.


Now I know that you are not one of them.. but there is a good chance that others reading this post haven’t got the message. So please help me spread the word… Add a comment to this post and tell me you have an online mailing list. Be sure to include some information about how potential readers can see more on your book (after all, that’s why we are here).

Okay.. rant over. Here’s a couple of piratical suggestions for someone with a small list (even one address is a list):

1. Start building your mailing list. NOW!. If you don’t have the software set up to do this, you can get it in about 5 minutes at

2. Don’t do anything else until #1 is done. You cannot function as an author in this modern world using last century methods. Have I made that clear enough?

3. Offer something of value in return for people signing up for your list.

4. Use that offer (not “buy my book”) in your advertising. Ultimately, the value of the readers that have signed up for your mailing list will far exceed the value of book sales.

I know. your book is different. If enough people read it, it will change the world. Well, keep in mind that no one will read it unless they know about it. And this is the easiest way to build a fan club of people interested in your subject. Please.. just do this. Build your mailing list.

5. Sign up for our FREE List Building Site.. This is where you will get new subscribers, more exposure for your book, find our about many other ways to build your readership and network with other authors that are just like you

6. On your profile page on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc.. make sure you include your free offer. You can put the title of your book, but focus on getting readers attention. The best way to do this is to offer them free information on the subject they are interested in

7. Start a blog. Post about what you are doing, current events, your travels, your other work on the subject. Make sure there are prominent links to your free offer.

8. Post comments on relevant blogs. Don’t spam them with a note to buy your book. Rather, you should make a meaningful comment on the posts.. and mention how it relates to your blog, free offer, etc.

9. Make sure you have followed the advice in my Famous Authors Course (free if you click here)

10 You can buy advertising, issue press releases, submit articles to publications, joint venture, get interviewed on podcasts, blogs, radio and TV, speak before large crowds, hold book store signings or a 100 other promotional activities. But when you do.. I hope you will be looking for ways to increase the readership of your online mailing list.

11. Too much work? Then why not just give away your book. The other steps here are for authors that want to see an income from their work. If that doesn’t matter to you, the best way to get attention for your book is to arrange give it away. Many authors get started this way, submitting an entire book as a gift for our best seller book launches

Selling a book is hard work. Offering your book, and profitable add on products to people who are happy to hear from you is easy. To build a sustainable, profitable business as an author (and if you want income, you are in business) today requires an online presence and an mailing list.