Whitney Otto is yet another poor author, taken in by the ideas that “tradional publishers” give us about authors work.

She writes for an Oregon paper.. scared that Google is going to steal her work.. this is one of the more silly paragraphs.

Expanding literacy is great, but how will Google protect writers’ intellectual property?: “The recommendations by Amazon and reader reviews are essentially meaningless because the potential buyer of a book doesn’t know anything about these online critics. For an opinion to have meaning, there must be a specific context. For one, you need to understand the critic’s criteria. A random opinion — like Google Print’s disembodied excerpts — is the equivalent of no opinion, and no help for readers, at all.”

Listen Whitney.. you need to learn that a book is a great ENTRE product. Build a database and communicate and sell them more information on the back end.. no need to “sell out” to do that!