I do hope you don’t think I’m a wacko for the headline today. (there are so many other reasons that you might use that label though).

It’s just time I share a few thoughts on the futility of paying them much heed.

Here’s a list of a few of the misconceptions we get listening to economists

  1. The recession is bad, worse, staring, over (all their numbers lag)
  2. There is a record number of unemployed (many more employed that a few decades back)
  3. what the President says will affect the economy (only if you are a day trader)

Wacko enough for you? I’m just getting started.

OK.. to be fair, I don’t have enough data on any of the above to claim that I know any better than and economist In my defense, I don’t make a living telling you I do.

Here’s a wonderful film about Marilyn Waring, a woman who chose not to assume that the economist knew what they were talking about. Not some wacko.. a very nice lady.