Read this before the fnords get me..
I can’t be here long

I’m having dinner with 437 of the
brightest people I know. But I just had to
run to my laptop to make sure this got to

(You can read about the news and marketing
secrets on my blog at

.. just had to get it to you now…

Are you ready to escape the ho-hum results
and start your business as a successful

Between the marketing training and presentation
here at the BIG Seminar in Atlanta this weekend,
I’ve met with a experts unveiling new helps that
any author will want to jump on.

More ZERO COST and low priced offers that
give you a fast start on growing you business.

See these links here.. I’ve hidden them in
the copy.. not really telling you what
each leads to.. but I can tell you this.

Did the fnords make me do this?

  • One will give you exclusive training (at Zero Cost)
  • Another leads to a site that will boost your credibility, reputation and web traffic. Listing you as the expert. It may even bring you thousands in revenue.
  • Did I mention it is also ZERO COST to you?

There are THREE SUPER DEALS, some fine
education and some fun.

Take your pick. Or try them all. Each one
opens a door for you.

If you wait you’ll miss out on at least
one tremendous growth opportunity.

Give each a click now.

Warren Whitlock
Book Marketing Strategist

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Too many options?


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