At first glance, the resarch being done by RainToday looked like a waste of time… then I remembered.. Most authors I talk to are trying to sell their book to create some quick income.. with no idea how important it can be to other income.

What do you think? – Press Release And News Distribution – Conducting Research On Publishing Business Books On Professional Services Practices: “‘Many people believe that writing a business book will dramatically increase their sales and boost their reputation as a thought leader or expert in their field. The truth is, these people might be right – but these effects have yet to be measured on a wide scale,’ says Mike Schultz, Publisher of ‘By conducting this research, we will discover what these effects have been, and what strategies consultants and professional service providers can use to get the most leverage out of books they publish.’

The research methodology is a survey of authors who have published business books, along with in depth interviews with authors, publishers, and others. Some of the questions this research will answer are:

– How much of a boost in revenue, brand, speaking engagements, and other factors have business book authors realized after publishing their books?

– What is the effect on a practice of a book that sold well versus one that did not?

– What is the effect of publishing a book with a major publishing house versus a small one?

– What is the effect on book sales of using a PR service or book marketing firm?

– How much have other business book authors invested to gets their books published?

The survey is expected to be open through early November. is seeking interested authors to share their experiences regarding the publishing process. To participate in this survey on getting published visit: Upon completion authors will be entered to win one of the ten copies of How Clients Buy: The Benchmark Report On Professional Services Marketing And Selling From The Client Perspective.”