Working with authors, and being an author and business owner for a few decades, I have long ago decided that this is the best lifestyle I can imagine.

Sure, I’d like more money, who wouldn’t? But when it comes down to the question of what really counts, I’m doing fine, certainly not starving or struggling, and have freedom to do what I want to do.

Well, most of the time…

Today, I had a conference call planned with a publishing company looking for wider distribution, more book sales and new titles turned into instant best sellers. They have some good books, and want to reach more readers and grow the company.

This is the kind of call that I really enjoy.

We got the five people invovled on the phone (yes, it’s a virtual company, another of my favorite things) and we got into it. Going great, beyond expectations. Killer call.

Trying to multitask, I flipped the switch on the washing machine and walked around my house while conducting the call. After a while, I decide that I’d check some notes on my laptop downstairs and that’s when I saw it.

The washing machine flood!

Thinking like an entrepreneur, I continued the call and figured that someone would have to clean up the mess later. We talked for about another 45 minutes and ended the call.

I went back downstairs and that’s when it hit me.

  1. The washer was still trying taking on water, and overflowing
  2. There was about an inch of water all through the house
  3. I was the only person in the house. I had to take action

Not a big deal. I quickly did the cost benefit analysis of what would happen if I left the house and let it dry out itself, called the maid to come clean up, or trick a family member into it being their fault.

I opted for switching my “exercise time” to the next hour, ran out and bought a mop and bucket (did I have one already? I don’t know) and grabbed a frozen yogurt at Costco (now there’s true multi tasking).

While I cleaned up what turned out to be clean, fresh water, I had a few minutes to contemplate how blessed I am

  • I have the freedom to handle any situation
  • I had multiple options I could choose from
  • I was able to do it on my time (and eat the yogurt)
  • The water was clean (so many don’t have potable water)
  • I needed the excercise.

I was just about to add that “I got a blog post out of it” while I finished the job. That’s when I slipped, fell and questioned the whole affair.

In the end, I survived the fall, did get the blog post, and hope it brings you a smile while you remember how great it is to have the life you do.

Now, I’m off to call the appliance guy. I’ve tried that DIY path.. and don’t need another lesson today.