I’ve been writing about the promotion I’ve been doing with Dan Kuschell. You know, the guy who gives away his best selling book.

The teleseminar call just finished. I know thousands of my readers were involved. Also.. I had hundreds of new people added to the list (If you are one of them, welcome).

The seminar was awesome. Dan promised 90 minutes, he went over that, then talked about his program, and then went on to answer callers questions live.

Because I was able to sell out the lines, Dan had to offer to do the teleseminar again. You can read about that here

The crowd gave us some feedback. They wanted to know about my blog and pr free publicity combo. Dan has just tried this himself and talked about his results. (That was a nice surprise).

Anyway.. here’s the results so far. Over 50,000 “feeds” carried the press release. More than double the response from my mailing list (were someone of you signing up twice?) and nearly 500 new clicks from directly from the press release.

I’m going to offer a special class on this method. “How to Use FREE Web Resources To Promote Your Book” including a free article, teleseminar and a step by step work-book. You can get the article (plus a bonus report) by clicking on the link above.