They say it makes all the difference.

A good subject line will get your readers
to open the email, something the majority
of us don’t do on any mailing list email.

(funny, since the real good stuff is often
way down at the PS)

Take the email this morning.

I had 3 killer ideas for a subject line..
ended up putting one of them in the body of
the email.

The SMART thing to do would have been to
choose one.

The SMARTER thing to do would be to TEST
BOTH.. but I was in a hurry.

So I tried to MERGE the two and came up
with the mess you saw.

And likely deleted without reading.

Too bad.

It was a great book for any author or
entrepreneur who wants more income with
less work.

So after getting some good COACHING, I
decided to fess up and send this note to

Another great COPY principle.. the truth is
usually the best option.

If you haven’t seen the dumb subject,
you’ll probably find it in your TRASH

Or just go take a look here:

Read about the book Brian Tracy said was
the best on the subject.

I’m using it to train my staff and author
coaching clients.

Really.. a gem.

And the usual DOZENS of BONUSES when you
buy today.. including two that I know are
going to make you thousands of dollars.

Just get the book.. look through the
bonuses, and look for the info or JV
partner that will take you to the next
level in our BONUS GIFT package.

Thanks for sticking with me while I re-
learn these basic principles.

Enjoy the book.


PS. Oh.. yeah.. I used one more copywriting
principle on you..

Way up at the top. I talked about how the
best stuff is buried in the body of the

Won’t make you read bad stuff.. but since
you got this far.. I think it helped.

Lesson here is.. save something great for
the PS.. and hint at it to keep the reader

Now.. go get the book, the fabulous
bonuses.. and be more successfull.

Add a comment totell me how you
liked my message today. And don’t
forget to link to something good you
want to promote.

Did you learn something?

Did I?