My cross promotion partners and I have made another BEST SELLER.

Here’s one of the emails I used to tell them how to help.

I promised to tell you how to use out book
promotions to the best benefit to your own

We will be talking about the current
promotion, so make sure you’ve been to at all the pages.. sign up and buy a
copy of the book. It will help whether you
are a working Mom or just self-promoting.

Now for the 7 things to do:

1. Sign up for

cost is in the name ZERO.

This is the single best way to build a list of
targeted subscribers.

You can advertise and cross promote with
other programs.. but wait until you have
an offer that is getting good response

2. Build your credibility with the other
PARTNERS by participating fully. It’s very
embarrassing to talk to an author when you
haven’t bought a copy of their book.

Even the BIG NAMES are impressed when you
introduce yourself and mention that you
have bought/read their books.

And I love to hear about the books you’ve
bought when we meet

3. Add a review or “Listmania” list on
Amazon. There’s no need to put a review on
every book.. but if it’s in your genre,
it’s good to have your name there.

Make sure you have reviewed the top books
on your subject, and all of your PARTNERS
books. Never say anything bad, and NEVER
say “I haven’t read this book..”

Do put your name and a few words about who
you are in the reviews. And make sure your
Amazon PROFILE is up to date.

You will not see a lot of traffic from
this but the people who are interested
(your BEST prospects) will look at
these… and recognize your name.

I try to do one each time I visit Amazon.

4. Put an entry in your blog.

You do have a blog, don’t you? If not, go
to and get one. Takes about 15
minutes.. and it is ZERO COST

A simple entry with “here’s my review” or
“I just told my list about” can be added
in a couple of minutes.

Blogs are checked often by the search
engines if you include links to new pages
on your web site, you’ll get indexed

5. Issue a Press Release.

I did today.

just a few hours, 17,267 accesses, and
I was #1 at Google News for “book
marketing” searches. Just announce what
you’re doing, and add keyword rich
information about you and your web site.

I’m still getting search rank on releases
on some after months.

6. Seek out new partners

I get asked several times a day if I’ll
promote some parters products. But I’ll

Think about it.. there are 3091 PARTNERS
on my mailing lists. Every category of
mailing list imaginable. Most are not
overwhelmed with projects.

Start small, contact 1-2 to do a cross
promotion. It can be as simple as each of
you sending an email to your lists with a
suggestion that they look at the other

partner a favor… not just “can I get a
commission?”.. soon you will have a list
of your own partners, and expert
credibility when speaking to large

A sale is nice.. a relationship is better.

7. Spread the love

Did you know that MOST books are sold as
gifts. A gift is a universally accepted
item of value.

If you are giving away your own book,
great. but someone else’s book has a HIGH

No matter what the title, there is a
friend, relative, client or business
associate that will enjoy getting it.
(even if they never read it.. books are
funny that way)

I’d love to see you buy 10, 50, 100 copies
of each book I promote. Of course, I know
you can’t always use these as gifts.

However, you can give the gift of the
promo to others. The same FEELING is
invoked by recommending a good book.

Not every book will change a life. But
MANY stories are told of a single book
that was a turning point.

And when you share books, you will be well
received when it comes time to sell your
own book.

I’ve used ALL OF THE ABOVE in promotions
and publicity for myself an clients. Each
works, and each is SCALABLE.. you can do
more or less based on your time and

Get started now.. go to this site now:
Warren Whitlock
Marketing Results Coach
#1 Bestselling Author and book marketing expert

PS. When you have a book coming out, let
me know. I will be happy to provide a
bonus gift for your promotion, and “spread
the love” to others.

PPS. I’ll be anxious to hear about your
successes using BRIEFCASE MOMS as your
springboard to more publicity.

You’ll like the book and what it teaches.
and that’s just the beginning!