During the promotion for Change Your Life In 7 Days I got talking to a couple of friends who had donated gifts for the launch, and we discussed how every author might get more promotion.. While enhancing the value of the gifts to potential readers.

The results was a trial of two new programs, offered to anyone that signed up to get in on the Change Your Life In 7 Days promotion.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say Terri Levine, best selling author of books about coaching, and the president of Coaching U, is giving away a bonus e-book during the promotion…

We figured that not everyone in millions viewing the gift list would have heard of Terri, so why not offer an additional FREE SEMINAR recording about her latest work?

That way, once the readers that are interested in an above average income from home doing life coaching hear from Terri (interviewed with her partner Sharon by me), they will be even more excited to get the free gift e-book.

Here’s the page we came up with for High Income Coaching.


BUT WAIT… there’s more.

After the Terri Levin and Sharon Wilson interview, I talked to Kevin Hogan. You may well have heard about Kevin. He’s a successful speaker, and has 13 books out.

I got Kevin to give a jammed packed seminar about his latest work.. all things that he has not released before. We recorded the seminar, and posted it here.


I have to tell you.. both of these seminars have “back end offers”.. if you are interested in the product, you’ll be able to get free coaching from Terri’s group, or a discount on a home study course from Kevin.


These programs are great introductions to the authors.. and enhance their value to anyone on the list that at least listened to the free seminar…. recorded to be used again and again.

Would you like to get more leads from recommending other author’s book?

Give me a call. I’m including this promotion and guaranteeing results to my Business Success cover co-authors… There are a couple of spots open. My number is 702-953-5843