As I travel the net talking about my new Twitter book, I meet many new people.

There is no doubt that you should be usin social media to form more meaningful connections. You can join them all, so you have to pick.

Here’s some criteria that will help

  1. How easy is it to join? If it just takes a minute, join as soon as you see it. At the very least, you have another URL, profile and photo up on the web
  2. Do they have a following? Major social media networks have 10 or 100’s of millions of users. Makes sense to have a profile on the largest
  3. Are they targeted to your niche? Some groups are better because they are small. You won’t get the wide reach, but you will have access to people just like you.

For instance, I like This Small Biz Startup network If you have a small business in start up mode, you will get a good sized group of people like you to network with

View my page on Sta.rtUp.Biz – The Small Business Social Network

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