Today I read the lastest manifesto on how there are too many “Internet Marketing” luanches.


What the “IM’ers” never seem to pay attention to is the tidle wave of big advertisers coming our way. (see article below)

Whenever someone asks me whether “those blasts still work” I think about how few people even know that we exist.

Sure, there is room for innovation, and the site format of the week will evolve, but we’re gettting very good with a medium that is only 1.5% of the largest advertisers budgets.

And the (P&G;) are moving toward more measurable direct response adversiting.

Let’s keep going while the competition is relatively small.

Advertising Age – P&G; Pumps Up Print Ad Spending, Trims TV: “Though P&G; has shifted some funds to the internet, online remains a paltry 1.4% of P&G;’s media outlay, up from 1% last year and 0.5% in 2004. The increases are led essentially by three brands: Prilosec OTC, Gillette and Herbal Essences. The shift to print is far more broad-based, though, focused heavily so far this year on P&G;’s big-spending beauty brands, Olay and Pantene.

P&G; also has continued to do more direct marketing, with the second big double-digit increase in as many years for its fiscal year ended June 30. But most of that shift is going toward e-mail programs that have little or no media cost, said John Cummings, whose DBM/Scan service tracks database-marketing programs by package-goods marketers.

Overall, P&G; mailings and e-mailings increased 48% to 469 in the 12 months ended in June, following a 35% increase the year before, he said. As a whole, the package-goods and drug marketers he tracks boosted mailings and e-mailings 32% in the year ended in June.