I’m putting out a press release.. inviting Ann Coulter to sell books for me.

Why not? Her own book is the best selling new book this week by some accounts… but not near as prevalent as the term “sell books” in news stories about her.

I subscribe to a service that send new listings whenever the words “sell books” appear on a page. It’s been so much fun to watch over the past few days.. Triple the normal number of entries.. and almost all of them are about Ann Coulter… accusing the author of trying to sell her book of all things.

I tried to read her first book. Frankly, I just don’t care about the subject. I don’t care if she’s is right (well, we know she is “on the right”) or full of baloney. As a book marketer, I do follow what sells books, and she’s doing that.

I have to mention my favorite posts.. there are some that go to great lengths to avoid mentioning Ann Coulter by name. They are convinced that if all liberal bloggers join them in talking about Ann Coulter without using the words “Ann Coulter” that somehow the Ann Coulter hype will go away.

Blogs are powerful.. but get real! Millions still watch TV.. and there are a few (quite a few) folks that think she is telling the truth.

I wish they’d all just use that power to do something good for the world.. not for or against Coulter, I mean really useful.. like selling my books