We’ve often talked about using press releases and blog entries tied to current events gets you more powerful links.

Now John Kremer has given us a six week notice on an event the make sense to just about any author.

The event is http://www.blogactionday.org.

They are lining up bloggers to mention the environment on October 15th. If you like the cause, great.. go to the link and sign up.

However, if you are wondering “how does this help my book?”.. read on.

“The Environment” is perfect for tying in any book/subject. You can be for or against any particular action or philosophy and state that.

Let’s take it to the extreme.. Suppose you are anti-movement and think this day is a waste of time. You would put out a press release saying so and blog about it on 10/15.

The cool feature is.. no matter what you say, this day will be news (at least among the millions of readers that see the blogs). And ultimately, there is little chance of anything lasting from the event.

Unlike politics or policy arguments.. we can all pretty much agree that we want the best environment possible.. we can also agree that there are lots of voices, lots of blogs.

I’m going to post a lot of comment on this. I expect to see some traffic… maybe some detractors.. What I know will happen is more attention to posts with my name.

Go ahead.. get started. Comment here and let us know what you are doing. I’ll encourage readers to link to you, comment and post more.

“Go environment.. yea!”