Digital Marketing & Growth Consultant, achieving real-world business goals from digital marketing

I'm an advisor to multiple blockchain startups, advise on ICO strategy, and am an consultant to tech and e-commerce companies. I enjoy speaking and attending conferences, where I get to reconnect IRL with many social and tech influencers that I've become friends with over the years. As an IBM Futurist, I've been able to share some of my thoughts on the future of work, media and money. 

I'm a content creator at heart. I am the Founder of CoinHash.co and Ochen.com, where I regularly blog, along with other publications. And, I have a regular podcast where I interview the movers and shakers in the blockchain and social media spheres of influence. 

As a tech and social media early adopter, I've been privileged to be named a Top 10 Social Media Influencer, Top 20 Blockchain influencer, Top 100 Tech Influencer and Top 50 Martech Influencer.

I'm always interested in what people are doing. I love the creativity and chutzpah of entrepreneurs. Let me know what you're working on and maybe we'll chat in my podcast, or I'll write an article, or we can work together. 

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