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A business storyteller with a large network
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Hi. I’m Warren Whitlock. My mission is to help brands improve the results of their digital marketing.

When I started creating content for marketing “new media” meant we could combine multiple slide projectors for a presentation. By the time I went online in 1981, I had learned to use technology for better connections with audiences whenever it had allowed us to achieve our objectives.

Throughout my career, I have created new strategies to use influence and persuasion to help people get what they want. I set hard sales goals and measured performance but never forget that people hate being sold, but love to buy. I have been an entrepreneur in the computer, publishing, and media.

I look for collaborations where brands can share resources, extend their reach and give customers an experience they will want to share with others. I am currently partnering with IBM Futurists and a few brands and startups along with keynotes where I can engage executives transforming their organizations for an abundant future.



I help brands and startups disrupt industries and refine growth strategies.


Advisor to startups on ICO, e-commerce and the future of blockchain

Social Media

Social media early adopter and author of the first book about Twitter: “Twitter Revolution.”


I speak about taking advantage of digital media strategies that drive growth and profits.


As a top online influencer across many sectors, I help build strategies for influence in noisy markets.