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The principals of influence are science. Marketing tools to help you connect and persuade people. Combined with a genuine caring for your audience, you can attract, persuade and give people an experience they will love.

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Warren Whitlock
Hi. I'm Warren Whitlock. My mission is to help brands improve the results of their digital marketing. I started creating content for marketing when "new media" meant we could combine multiple slide projectors for a presentation.

By the time I went online in 1981, I'd learned to push for better technology whenever it allowed us to achieve our objectives. Throughout my career, I have created new strategies to use influence and persuasion to help people get what they want. I set hard sales goals and measured performance but never forget that people hate to be sold, but love to buy.

I have been an entrepreneur in the computer, publishing, and media, We also look for collaborations where brands can share resources, extend their reach and give customers an experience they will want to share with others.

I am currently partnering with IBM Futurists and a few brands and startups along with keynotes where I can engage executives transforming their organizations for an abundant future.

35 Years of Online Marketing Experience


The future is here and coming faster than ever. Transforming to digital business, while maintaining profitable practices is a challenge for everyone today. I can help you find this balance and discover where to disrupt before being disrupted.

Social Media

As a Forbes ranked social media power influencer, I work with other top firms and thought leaders to bring measurable results from influencer marketing, social engagement and revenue producing promotional programs.

influence expert Warren Whitlock

Creating Authority

Hiring influencers to create content is an excellent way attract attention. Becoming a thought leader in your industry is even better. I’ve helped hundreds of business professionals create best-selling books, lead generating content and network connections that make become consistent revenue producers.

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